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Pennsylvania Humanities (attached as pdfarts.pdf)- Humanities is mostly performance - includes thinking about use of technology, relating art to time and geographical period, understand historical and cultural differences, how art effects groups, individuals and culture (HS)
- Need to create a post performance activity to led students and grade appropriate connections to curriculum
Pennsylvania History (attached as phistory.pdf) - focus on section 4. - identify historic sites and material artifacts, conflict and cooperation among groups affected history

Texas - Social Studies middle school link ... h113b.html
they do contemporary word in 6th, Texas in 7th and US in 8th. Not many connections
High school includes World History ... h113c.html but does not include Egypt. "river civilizations" to Greece and Rome
Elementary does not include word Egypt

Mass YEAH! (attached as MAhistorySocialScience.pdf)
7th grade
7.12 On a historical map of the Mediterranean region, locate the Mediterranean and Red Seas, the Nile River and Delta, and the areas of ancient Nubia and Egypt. Identify the locations of ancient Upper and Lower Egypt and explain what the terms mean. On a modern map, identify the modern countries of Egypt and Sudan. (G)
7.13 Describe the kinds of evidence used by archaeologists and historians to draw conclusions about the social and economic characteristics of ancient Nubia (the Kingdom of Kush) and their relationship to the social and economic characteristics of ancient Egypt. (H, G)
7.14 Describe the role of the pharaoh as god/king, the concept of dynasties, the importance of at least one Egyptian ruler, the relationship of pharaohs to peasants, and the role of slaves in ancient Egypt. (H, C)
7.15 Describe the polytheistic religion of ancient Egypt with respect to beliefs about death, the afterlife, mummification, and the roles of different deities. (H)
7.16 Summarize important achievements of Egyptian civilization. (H)
A. the agricultural system
B. the invention of a calendar
C. monumental architecture and art such as the Pyramids and Sphinx at Giza D. hieroglyphic writing
E. the invention of papyrus

This is a guiding principal of English curriculum in MA:
Guiding Principle 2
An effective English language arts and literacy curriculum draws on literature in order to develop students’ understanding of their literary heritage.
American students need to become familiar with works that are part of a literary tradition going back thousands of years. Students should read literature reflecting the literary and civic heritage of the English-speaking world. They also should gain broad exposure to works from the many communities that make up contemporary America as well as from countries and cultures throughout the world. In order to foster a love of reading, English language arts teachers encourage independent reading within and outside of class.

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