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 Post subject: CMNH Tour of the Temple
Unread postPosted: Fri Oct 29, 2010 1:11 pm 

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Oct - CMNH

Sample Virtual Temple Tour

Engage audience by inviting them to be the people of the town around the temple. Speak in 1st person and present tense.
Set in 1100BC.

It is the end of a 10-day work week and we are exhausted. Luckily the priests have called a festival day. It is our civic and religious duty to go to the Temple and have a party.

Are you ready?

The first thing we learn, when we were little children, is that the temple is big. See the priest standing by the door? It is 80‚ high.
And we see by the shape that it represents Egypt.

What is the geography of Egypt? Or what runs through the middle of Egypt?

Egypt is high desert with the Nile river running through it. The temple has high pylons with the lower central axis. We know that big means important.

So if Egypt is represented by the Temple, and the temple is big and big is important∑.. we know that Egypt is what? Important

Walk up a bit and look up.

Those flagpoles are each single, solid pieces of wood.
But those are the trees that grow in Egypt.

Where did those flagpoles come from? What do they tell us?

Imported ˆ cedars of Lebanon ˆ tell us that Egypt is so important others cut down their giant trees and send to us.

Walk to the smiting scene.

As we approach the temple we see a big scene. This is a man ˆ but the picture is really big, so he is really important. Who is he? Pharoah. And what is he doing? Hitting something. That something is the enemies of Egypt ˆ Hitites, Ethopians, Nubians∑.. Is he winning? Yes Is this how we want the world to be? Yes

Over here is Osiris. What is this? Ank. Say Ank. It is symbol of life or breath of life. What is in his other hand? Weapon

So we can read the whole story ˆ the gods give power in warfare to Pharoah who defeats our enemies. Good story?

This statue represents another level of the relationship between the gods and pharaoh. This is the temple to Horus ˆ who sometimes appears as a hawk and sometimes as a man with a hawks head. Here he is standing over Pharoah meaning Horus give Pharoh something. What is that something? Protection.

Lets go in.

Everyone wears simple clothing to be humble before the gods ˆ except the kids. What do they wear? Nothing.

Everyone brings the best food they can. What is your favorite food? The priests know everyone in town and make sure the people who need meat and vegetables get them. It is wealth distribution within the community.

In addition to food there is music, games, marketplace ∑..

Over to pillar. Here is another piece of the relationship between the gods and pharaoh. Who is on the left? Horus in the form of man with hawk head.
What is he doing? What is that thing called? Sticking up his nose

Over here is the rest of the story.

Get at lea4 members of the audience.
People bring best they have to temple => priests give best of best to Horus => Horus goes to other gods and goddess and collects blessings => pharaoh/priest => people

Now ˆ go further in.

Up is going toward the more sacred. What is sacred?

Inside is quiet, relatitively cool, dark and private.

Ceiling has open windows. Are we worried about rain?
Can see the tops of the columns. Important part of the creation story.
(Tell story) The very best part is that our town is built on the very first bit of ground, and the columns in the temple represent the reeds. Our town is the best.

Wealthy people sponsor a column and put a stella there to honor ancestors.

Temple is center of civic life ˆ school, storehouse, judicial system etc.

Go up again ˆ moving to the most sacred part of the temple.

Find the statue of Horus.

If we have achieved MAAT, Horus will come and live in the statue.

What do we need to do to make sure Horus will be happy in the statue?
Food, drink (dirty water), clean, entertain (same as your pet), presents (falcon, flowers)

Can also take to the people as an oracle.

NOW switch to present day Pittsburgh and make connections.

What do flowers today mean. Gold and silver. What spaces have the important things up higher the way this temple does?

Turn to leave and set up „blessings flow from the god to the people‰ frame.

Questions? Common ones are about life as a priest

In Hypostyle Hall ˆ just means hall of pillars.
What did the pillars represent?
Every town believed their temple was built on the first bit of land. Every town knew they were special ˆ seems silly today, but consider this „No one else has both the Superbowl and Stanley Cup champs at the same time ˆ Pittsburgh is the best!‰

Egyptians were first to use pillars to make architectural statement ˆ this is an important place. Greek copied them. Name a greek building. Does it have pillars? Romans copied the greeks. Name a Roman building. Does it have pillars. Jump to today. Can you name an important building with pillars?

Talk about video platform and take questions.

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